Spotlight on Wellbeing Experts

Below are examples of members who are available to meet your needs. Have a question about wellbeing providers? Use the form below to ask your question.

Advanced Performance, Inc.
We are a workplace performance company helping people get excited about their work by focusing on five areas of wellbeing to develop strong, healthy and engaged employees. For over ten years Advanced Performance, Inc. has provided training and consulting to improve organizational performance results.Contact Sunny K. Lurie, PhD., 216-397-9900,

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The Keane Method
While U.S. employers now rank stress as the top workforce issue, statistics indicate that there is a significant gap between current stress solutions and their effectiveness. The Keane method focuses on proven Mindset, Emotional intelligence and relationship strategies that equip companies and their employees to get stress working in their favor. Contact Annita Keane at 812 361 0546.

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Smash the Ash! 
Smash the Ash! provides excellence in workplace-based tobacco cessation services.  Tobacco use is the world’s largest cause of avoidable death and disease!  And it costs you money as an employer.  Laura Loew is a Mayo Clinic trained Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist who has personally helped over 1000 people quit.  She and her staff can provide workplace seminars, health fair counseling, Carbon Monoxide screening, and group and individual cessation counseling.  Services available in Ohio and beyond.  Email Laura: or call (330) 636-6347.

T3 Performance
By focusing on improving human movement and functionality, as well as motivate, engage, and educate all populations on the fundamentals of health & exercise, nutrition, and mental health. T3 Performance has constructed a results based, comprehensive Corporate Fitness program that is currently being applied in various settings from top corporations, high level academic institutions, sports teams, US Military, and recreation facilities around Northern Ohio. Contact Eric Cook,440-670-4133,

On Site Wellness Services, LLC
We provide corporate wellness program screening solutions to small, mid-size and large client companies throughout Ohio and the Midwest. Our services are customized to fit specific client needs delivered through health fairs, incentive programs, results-based or participation-based wellness initiatives. We are the exclusive mobile provider of the Total Body Composition Service, a 14-category muscle mass versus body fat analysis completed in less than 3-minutes. Contact Tode Vrzic at 440-623-7373 email or visit



One of the first questions companys ask the Council is who are the local experts to provide services to my wellness programs.  We have begun this listing of experts to provide that information. If you have questions we will try to answer them. Use the form below to submit your questions. You will receive a response in two working days.

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