Elovia Peddle

Posted by steve on September - 13 - 2014

EloviaI have been affiliated with the Wellness Council of Northeast Ohio for about 15 years. As a wellness novice, my first meetings provided information (much needed information), programming ideas, and the opportunity to network with area professionals who were more experienced than I. Over the years, as I grew into the wellness profession, I’ve had the good fortune to connect and learn from some of the top wellness leaders in the country. So why do I continue my membership? Of course, the opportunity to learn and network continues, but so does the opportunity to mentor.If you are a seasoned wellness professional, I invite you to consider membership as an opportunity to share your knowledge and passion for wellness with others who are new to the field. And if you are new to the field or just want the opportunity to network with other like-minded wellness professionals, please consider joining us.

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