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Dr. Michael Nowak, is the Medical Director for the Center for Bariatric Surgery.Dr. Nowak is board-certified in general surgery,and comes to St. Vincent’s from UH Parma Medical Center and HealthSpan, where he served as the Physician Medical Director for the past two years. Dr. Nowak has been performing bariatric surgery for 12 years. A graduate of Case Western Reserve University, Dr. Nowak completed both his internship and residency training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center, where he was co-chief resident. He is a Fellow in the American College of Surgeons and the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgeons. He and his wife, Christine have five children.




Warner Roberts

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Warner Roberts is the Real Appeal Vice President of UnitedHealthcare Key Accounts.   With over 20 years in the population health management industry, Warner will be sharing this evidence based weight loss program that is more than just a weight loss program.    Losing just 5% of body weight has a material impact on an overweight person’s health—that’s been a proven scientific fact for years. Despite the simplicity of the science, offering a solution that empowers, informs and motivates a person to make change has proved challenging. Real Appeal’s approach is based on one of the largest, most ambitious clinical studies focusing on lasting lifestyle change.   The formula is simple: small, steady, sustainable steps are the path to a healthier future.




Linda McVey

Linda McVey


Linda McVey serves as Executive Director of Health Initiatives for the YMCA of Greater Cleveland. A 28-year veteran of the fitness and wellness industry, Linda has been passionate about health since the days of leg warmers and high-impact aerobics.  In her current role, she oversees the chronic disease intervention services of the YMCA. Her work in community integrated health has garnered both national and international attention.

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